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Tray Helper
Small, FREE, award-winning application with all the stuff you need!

A "must-have" application for webmasters.


You can download from either the primary or secondary location. RTFtoHTML is supplied in two different formats, either zipped (.zip) or as an executable file (.exe).

If you are not familiar with Zip files you should choose the executable format. Choosing the executable installer format will probably cause a dialog box to appear asking if you want to run the program from its current location or save it to disk. We would recommend you save it to disk and make a note of where you saved it. When the download is complete, you then execute the installer by double-clicking on it to begin the install process.

If you choose the Zip format you will need an unzip utility to be able to access the installer. One of the most popular is probably WinZip, available from http://www.winzip.com

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