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I'm glad you use Time Adjuster and you found this application to be useful.
But before you leave, I would like to ask you friendly to do something for me back.

I hope all of your DivX subtitle files works fine now with your movies. I tried my very best, with my programming skils.
As you may know, creating a software takes a lot of time and effort, and with the slow-down in the online ad market, it is no possible to rely on banner advertising to survive. I also don't like to botter you with pop-up advertisements.

Time Adjuster is a quite popular application and is begin downloaded each day by few houndret people. For me it means that I have to pay each month a bit more for hosting and repply to more and more e-mails.

I decided to do it for FREE and I do it for FREE. But since I'm still a student these costs are becomming to be too hight. You're satisfied user of this application - right? So, what about doing soemthing for others (like I did)? If you could donate some of your pocket change to me, it would help me to maintain and improve this aplication and website + I would be VERY GRATEFUL !

Please remember that any amount will be extremely appreciated and no amount is considered too small - thank you in advance!!

I use the Bitcoins and PayPal payment systems to process payments.
Those are a very secure ways to make a donations.

Payment system:
Click on the button to donate with PayPal!
all mayor cards accepted

Some people may find it more convenient to donate via Bitcoin instead of PayPal. The Bitcoin address for donations is:

  • 17AE6idqqZcTNceAra1U341G7npUSFka99
  • You can also try using this QR code if you have an appropriate app:

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