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and make other changes to DivX subtitle files!
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 Help us to translate this application 

You can speak FOREIGN language (different than listed bellow) ?
Maybe you could translate Time Adjuster ?!
It's easy and woudn't take you more than 20 minutes...

- your name will be placed in "Help" menu of the program !
- your local community will be able to use Time Adjuster in their native language !

How to do it ?
- step 1: Download and unpack Time Adjuster
- step 2: Open in any text editor (f/e: in Windows Notepad) file: ENGLISH_language.lan
(this file is located in languages directory.)
- step 3: Translate all text lines in the file.
- step 4: Save file as: YourLangauage_language.lan
- step 5: Send me this file with your Name & contact e-mail.

One more thing:
line 0110: contains name of the font used in main window - leave it "Arial" or change to the name of font
that contains characters proper for your language for example: Arial CE (for Centrall European characters).
\n in text file means: new line, \t means: tab space

Also: you don't have to translate lines starting "//" it's just a comment.

Already Time Adjuster supports following languages:
-> thanks to Deadly BrEaThE (aka. B[r]3)
French -> thanks to Lagoon
Italian -> thanks to Fabrizio "Rush" Degni
Spanish -> thanks to Juan José Bojórquez
Slovakian -> thanks to Roman Husarik
Hungarian -> thanks to Mirr Murr (Kara Károly)
Romanian -> thanks to Robert Anton and Marius Ovidiu
Croatian -> thanks to Budimir Skrtic
Brazilian-Portuguese -> thanks to Henrique Sambiase
Portuguese -> thanks to David Guerreiro
Czech -> thanks to Petr "Cherubin" Rybysar
Greek -> thanks to Oikonomou Basilis
Dutch -> thanks to Bertus Wagenaar
Lithuanian -> thanks to Aurimas Tijunonis alias Savas_j0xxx
Estonian -> thanks to Indrek Soon
Catalan -> thanks to Pau Bosch i Crespo
Hebrew -> thanks to Nadav Schachter
Turkish -> thanks to Ömer ERZEN
Finnish -> thanks to Petri Hutri
Swedish -> thanks to Royne Dahlqvist
Galician -> thanks to Xosé Antón Vicente Rodríguez
Danish -> thanks to Bjarne Andersen
Norvegian -> thanks to Marita Nilsen
German -> thanks to Carsten Stupka
Bulgarian -> thanks to Boris Andreev
Arabic -> thanks to Hussein El masrey
Serbian -> thanks to Z.Gotiæ

E-mails are not included here - all becouse web spiders.
Still want to have it ?
E-mails are listed in "About" menu of Time Adjuster - just take a look there !

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