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 Bouncing messages back 
One of the fundamentals of e-mail system is that you need to know a valid e-mail address of person you want to contact. When you send a message you assume that it was delivered to a recipient when no error message is send back by mail system after a some time.

Now imagine that you have the ability to send back to any person that mails you an error like message - so this person will think that your mail box is no longer valid!

When it could be useful?
  • You can bounce back spam messages. People who send a junk mail could stop spamming your account since they will think that's is no longer a valid one!

    IMPORTANT: To maximize your chances of fooling a spammer and being removed from his / her mailing list DO NOT bounce a single message more than once.

  • If you have a friend who sends you too much unwanted messages - just start bouncing - it's a trick way to say: I don't want to hear from you again ;-D

In order to bounce message - in the second tab of Tray Helper (e-mail list) select messages to bounce and click on "Bounce" button or press "Backspace" (<-) key.

Bounced message looks like this one:

Example of bounced message as it appears on spammer computer.

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