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 Emoticons of Tray Helper 
Tray Helper is able to insert into e-mail messages emoticons (like for example this one: example of TH emoticon). Thanks to this feature you can compose e-mails with GREAT outlook!

Application is shipped with pack of emoticons ready to use - but you don't have to wait for author of application to create new emoticons if you feel that standard package is not enough!

If you want to add new images to current list of emoticons of Tray Helper - just copy ANY* image to "emoticons" subdirectory of Tray Helper (it's usually "C:\Program Files\Tray_Helper_yourname\emoticons"). You don't have to do anything more - just open message composer of Tray Helper and click on emoticons icon - new images should be available on list.

Where to get nice images?
Well - there is plenty of freeware images available on the net. For example visit this page. Also this one and that one has some resources.

I found a nice emoticon on WWW page - what next?
It's easy! Just right click on this image and select "Save image as..." then point "emoticons" subdirectory of Tray Helper and that is all. If "insert emoticon" dialog of Tray Helper is open - close it and open again to refresh list of images.
Give it a try on this emoticon: test emoticon

* - of course some image formats are not supported. Fortunately the most popular ones like GIF, JPG, BMP are.

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