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 General idea and features of Tray Helper 

 General idea of application:

You should know that the less applications you have installed, the better your Windows operating system works.
Many (even small) applications 'eat' a lot of CPU power & memory, can make the system unstable, take up a lot of space next to your system's clock and, if there are new versions of the software, you have to look around many www sites to keep your software updated.
Not to mention that you often have to pay for each separate application !

The solution: what about ONE, well written, SMALL in size application with MANY features, that don’t create ANY of the problems listed above ?

Yup...Tray Helper can help YOU and your PC !
  • it's ONE small in size application, that 'eats' only a bit of memory and CPU power,
  • it takes only one place next to your tray clock,
  • it's well written - it won't destabilize your system,
  • it has POWERFUL features - some quite UNIQUE,
  • installed modules will make YOUR life just a bit easier !
  • it's customizable - you decide if you want to extend it by using plugins or not !

 Main features:

 Event reminder
This is the place you can enter all your dates, appointments etc. you tend to forget :)
Application will remind you about those events (you can take a look at your 3 years calendar). Also all your reminders can be forwarded to your mobile device !

 E-mail composer
With this module you can compose and send e-mails quickly and in great looking form. E-mail composer supports emoticons - it means that you can insert images like this one: example of TH emoticon to your messages with just two clicks! example of TH emoticon
E-mail composer is able to send messages with TRACKING TAGS. Thanks to this uniqe feature you're able to know if / when and how many times your e-mails are read!

 E-mail checker
Tray Helper can check if new mail is available on all your mail accounts in background.

Tray Helper can take some actions if searches are positive. You can also read your mail and reply it using your default email application (f/e Outlook Express) just by one click.

Worried about e-mail worms?
Reading mail with TH is much more SECURE than with MS Outlook!

Tray Helper can notify you about new mail by displaying unique Animated Tray Icon.

It's possible to set ANTI-SPAM filters to ignore or directly DELETE spam messages from your mail account. All anti-spam activity can be logged to file. Also important messages can be forwarded directly at your mobile device !
You can check web-based e-mail accounts (like Yahoo! or Hotmail) with Tray Helper - read this page for more details.
Do you plan a vacations ? Build in auto-responder will auto repply for all incomming mail !

 Popup windows killer
Don't you have some web pages you like to surf, but when you open this page in web browser some popup windows opens (with adv. or such things). Yup, you have to kill those windows each time you enter this page. ....
NOT ANYMORE ! Tray Helper can auto-kill all unwanted popups for you, in background !

It's very powerful TH feature. With only few clicks you can upgrade it to components you want. List of available right now TH plugins can be found in HERE.
Even more - if you have SOME programming skills you can write your own plugin. Read this for more info !

 And more...
There are many other less important features in this application. For example: Tray Helper can take advantage of Microsoft Agent technology - it means that you can be notified about new mail, events etc. by cool, live and speaking characters. More info HERE.

Ready to download ?
Click HERE !

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