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This item is located in Configuration menu.
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Plugins support is a very interesting and useful feature of Tray Helper. With just only few clicks you can download and install additional components to this application and extend its functionality!

1: How to install a new plugin: Go to Configuration tab \Plugins
(In the following instructions, refer to the screen picture below to identify the fields mentioned.)

2: How to delete plugin from your PC:
It's easy. Just select the plugin you want to delete and press button marked No. 7.
There are some limitations: you cannot delete a plugin that is currently in use.
You must first disable the plugin, restart the application and then delete the plugin.

3: How to install new version of plugin:
If a new version of plugin is available from Tray Helper's server and you want replace the existing plugin with the new one. Follow these steps: Easy, wasn't it!

NOTE: If you want to temporarily disable the activity of plugins - select "Pause all background activity" menu item in TRAY MENU.

1  - Shows the list of plugins available on Tray Helper's server - after you have clicked on the button marked No 3.
To learn more about the selected plugin - just double click on it.
2 - Shows the list of plugins you have already dloaded to your machine. (It's easy to find out if the plugin is enabled on not. Just remember that the icon: means - plugin disabled and that the icon: means - plugin enabled.
To learn more about the selected plugin - just double click on it.
3 - This button posts the list of currently available plugins directly to list-box No. 1.
4 - This button will download the plugin from server into your PC. If this button is disabled it means that you already have this plugin on your PC. If you have older version and still want to dload a newer version from the remote server - you must delete your current version first.
5 - Shows the size of the plugin currently selected in list-box No. 1.
6 - Here you can enable or disable plugins you select in list box No. 2.
7 - Here you can delete plugins you select in list box No. 2.