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  Notes plugin

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This plugin allows you to create and stick notes to your Windows desktop. Forget about yellow notes around your workplace.

This plugin works in two different modes:


When you work with ANY other application and Tray Helper with Notes plugin is running in background. You can create a sticky note without restoring Tray Helper !
You have to hold for a while a combination of keys defined in "Configuration" menu of plugin. On default it's "CTRL + N".
After a second or two - such a sticky note as above should appear on the screen.

1  - Enter here a title of your note. If you press save button (no. 2) - this title will appear on the title bar of window.
2 - Here you can save your sticky note - if it's a new note - it will be added to your collection of notes. If it's not a new note this button will apply all changes.
3 - Here you can decide if you want your sticky note to be ALWAYS on top () of all other applications or not ().
4 - This button closes a note. If it was saved before - you will have access to it via Tray Helper.
5 - This button works in a bit different way you're used to. It does not close a sticky note - it will minimize it or restore (it depends on current state). Minimized note shows only a title bar and this button.
6 - Here is a main text of your note. You can edit it here. Please remember to apply changes by using button no. 2


In this mode you can view and work with all your notes.

1  - Here is a list with all your notes. You can view a basic info about each note such: title, length, dates of creation and last modification. If you double click on note you will be able to view and edit a text of note.
2 - You can preview a text of note by holding a right mouse button over a selected note. Please read a content of this box on picture - there are some nice tips.
3 - Click here to add a new note.
4 - Click here to find a note. It's a very useful option. If you have many notes it could be hard to find a specific one. This menu will help you - just enter a string to search !
5 - This button allows you to view or edit content of selected note. You can do the same action by double clicking on note in list box no. 1.
6 - Here you can put a selected note to desktop (make it a sticky note).
7 - Here you can define a combination of keys that will be creating a sticky notes for you. Default is: "CTRL + N".
8 - Here you can learn more about this plugin (view this document).


Version 2.1 (March 12th, 2006) Version 2.0 (February 19th, 2005): Version 1.7: Version 1.6: Version 1.5: Version 1.4: Version 1.3: Version 1.2: Version 1.1: Version 1.0: