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  Pinger plugin - adding new / editing existing task

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Here you can edit details of background task.

1  - Here you can select a host to ping. Please note that you should define some hosts to ping before accessing this menu. You can do it in that menu.
2 - Select when Tray Helper has to take action.
3 - Select if you want to be notified by a PC-speaker beep or
4 - by a chosen sound file (wav).
5 - Select if you want a message box displayed (e.g. can be time-outed on demand).
6 - Select if you want Tray Helper to forward information about this event to your mobile device. Please make sure that you have configured it properly at Configuration tab / Mobile device.
7 - Instructs Tray Helper to launch an application.
8 - Instructs Tray Helper to kill an application. Please note: you must provide the TITLE of the application's window, not a path to exe file! For your ease, the browser will show all currently opened windows in your system if you click it.
9 - Selecting this check box logs this event to a file. Be sure to set a path to log file beforehand.
10 - Clicking this check box will instruct Tray Helper to ignore the results of the first ping after start. When is this useful? You might want to be notified about changes in the on-line status of When you start an application and after first ping, you're notified about "change in on-line status". Do you want to get rid of this first notification? If yes, then select this box!