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  Pinger plugin - overview

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It's a very unique extension for Tray Helper.
It's capable of pinging hosts in your LAN network as well as hosts located in Internet.
It can display information if those hosts are on-line or not and take some actions predefined by you in any case.

To take advantage of this plugin you have to define at least one host to ping.
You should enter the IP address of this host or it's domain name at one of the edit boxes of area no. 6. Please also read NOTE 1 below.
If the list of hosts to ping isn't empty you can: NOTE 1: If you want to insert targets in the edit boxes in area no. 1, please follow this procedure: NOTE 2: Pinger module uses a number of pinging methods. All differ from each other by speed of pinging and precision of results. E.g.: default pinging in background is the SLOWEST but the MOST ACCURATE - so you can be sure that pinger module won't take any action in background by mistake. You can also decide if you want to ping your host (in "foreground") in standard (and fast) mode or "High precision" mode. As you may guess, "High precision" mode is more precise - but slower - than standard mode (but still less precise than mode used in background activity).
It's recommended to use "High precision" mode when you want to be sure about results. It's a good idea when you ping Internet hosts (rather than those located in your local network) and/or when your network connection is poor quality or overloaded.

NOTE 3: You can log all your events to file. In order to set details of the log file, please visit "Log file details" menu - item no. 5 on the screen picture.

NOTE 4: Tray Helper can notify you about the status of your connection to Internet - please visit " More settings" menu - item no. 4 on the screen picture.

NOTE 5: All changes in the status of hosts can be forwarded at your mobile device. Configure details of this device BEFORE you start using this feature. You can do that in Configuration / Common settings / Mobile device menu.

An example of use:
Scenario: You have a friend that you love to chat with, but you don't like to run ICQ or any other chat application all the time.
Solution: You enter the IP address (or domain name) of your friend and set Pinger module to:

Another example of use (Actually, it was the original reason to develop this module):
Scenario: I'm a member of small LAN network connected to Internet. We have a network administrator that doesn't like it if I dload too much while he is using the Internet. So each time I had Kaaza working (and dloading some DivX movies) he was banning Kaaza for many hours.
Solution: I placed the Administrator's IP on the Pinger module and now it:

And...... ? It WORKS PERFECT! :)
This module can also check in background if your PC has connection to Internet - if not - application's tray icon will change its colour to yellow-red.

1  - Clicking this button on the menu will change the screen as shown on the right.
2 - Sets additional settings such as: enable / disable multi-threads while pinging and turn on / off high precision mode.
3 - Sets background activity details, defines tasks etc. For a full description of this menu, click HERE.
4 - More settings for menu no. 3.
5 - All background activity can be logged to file - this option allows you to set the path to this log file.
6 - Fields to define the hosts to ping (as well in background and on demand). Refer to NOTE 1 above for the host name criteria.
7 - If you have defined at least one host - here you can ping all of them right now. After a few seconds (time depends on pinging mode selected) you will see results in areas marked no. 8.
8 - Shows the results of "on-demand" pinging. There may be four types of results 9 - Click to learn more about this plugin.


Version 2.0 (17 III 2004)

Version 1.9 (22 VII 2003)

Version 1.8

Version 1.7 (15 IV 2003)

Version 1.6

Version 1.5

Version 1.4

Version 1.3

Version 1.2

Version 1.1