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  Web Spy - FAQ

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Here is a FAQ for Web Spy plugin:

Q1: Why is a page being marked as updated every time I check it?
A: It's a common problem on pages that have advertising banners, hit counters or such stuff. Since banners and counters change every time page is loaded you get a false new content notification. To solve this problem please specify a part of page to check - where changes are important for you.

2. Plugin seems not to work correctly. I see the changes on monitored web page but Tray Helper can't detect any. What is going on ?
A: My guess is that you may be checking wrong page. Some WWW pages contain frames - these split window of your browser to separate parts and loads the content to it. Please note that WWW page that set frames don't have a content of each individual frame - it just describe the layout of page. Please use "Modify selected web page" button, and then press "Select part of page to check". You should be able now to verify if WWW page you check has the content you're interested in. If you want to monitor the contents of a frame, right-click the frame in your web browser, select "Properties" or "View frame info" (etc) and copy its address.

3. I would like to check a password protected site. Can I do it with this plugin?
A: In many cases creating a proper address to check should work.

Let's assume that your user name is: JOHN
and the password is: MyPassword
and the site that requires it is:

In WebSpy plugin you should enter as an address to check such URL:

Please note the ":" that separates user name and password.