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  Web Spy - plugin

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This plugin can track changes on WWW pages and inform you about it.

It could be quite useful to track some important pages (for example you can be notified about changes on drivers-for-your-pc pages).
Since some pages are generated on-fly and differs a bit each time (for example there is a different advertisement) - this plugin can check for changes on part of page and ignore the rest. Read FAQ for more info.

1  - Here is a list of all pages to check. You can see the basic details of this pages like: page name, page status, date and time of last and next check, URL.
If you right click on any item in this list box - you will be able to see and/or modify details of selected page.
If you double click using left mouse button on any item in this list box it will: Here is the meaning of icons in the first column: 2 - Click here to check selected pages for changes. If selected page is disabled this button will force to check it.
3 - Click here to check all pages that are not disabled.
4 - Here you can add a new page to check.
5 - Here you can modify selected page. You can do the same by right clicking on items in list box no. 1 on picture above.
6 - Use this button to delete selected pages.
7 - Use this button to enable or disable selected pages. Disabled pages will not be checked for changes in background or when you use button no. 3 ("Check all pages").
8 - Use this button to clear "NEW" status on selected WWW pages. You can do the same by double clicking on page that has a "NEW" status.
9 - Here you can set many details of this plugin.
10 - This button will open this manual.

Version 2.1 (2004-03-18):
Version 2.0:
Version 1.9
Version 1.8
Version 1.7: Version 1.6: Version 1.4: Version 1.3: Version 1.2: Version 1.1: Version 1.0: