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  Small WWW server - plugin

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This plugin allows you to create a small WWW server on your PC. This plugin is very small (80kb of size !) and quite fast.
As far as I know it's the smallest WWW server you can have !
But this plugin is FULLY functional ! It's multithreaded and quite useful.

How can I ...?

1  - Enter here a path to main directory of your server. Use "..." button to browse for this directory.
2 - Please note a difference: When surfing the net a user might enter in browser something like: - this means: open me the something.html file on computer named All clear! But what if this user types just a name of server without any file name? For example Then the server will try to open a default file - usually something like: index.html. If you want your server to be that smart as well, then enter the default file name that your computer should try to open if no file is specified.
3 - Click here to set up some advanced options like: time-out value, port of server, and path to YOUR OWN customized error messages (those error messages are just a HTML files that would be shown when requested file is not found or requested method is not implemented).
4 - Current status of server.
5 - Some statistics.
6 - You can tick those check-boxes to enable flashing your keyboard's LEDs when someone is accessing your server. Since flashing scroll lock is usually OK - think twice before you enable flashing Num lock - if you use this button, then random changes in its status could become very irritating.
7 - This button will show some info about plugin and authors.
8 - This is info about authors of this plugin.
9 - Here you can change status of the server. Remember that you can pause this plugin also by selecting "Pause all background activity." menu item from the tray menu.


Version 1.3: Version 1.2: