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Believe it or not, but all of the Tray Helper application - including this web-site, help files & more - was done by one person!

I have spent many hours a day, seven days a week, over numerous months with the sole aim to create this application for YOU :)

Okay! Maybe that is not 100% true! There are some people who have helped me along the way with this application:
  • thanks to Scire Salvatore for his ITALIAN language version,
  • thanks to Markus for his GERMAN language version,
  • thanks to Karel Mertens for his DUTCH language version,
  • thanks to Transtxt - www.transtxt.com for FRENCH language version,
  • thanks to Joseph Sabido for his SPANISH language version,
  • thanks to Tidhar Nitzan for his HEBREW language version,
  • thanks to Marius Ovidiu for his ROMANIAN language version,
  • thanks to Jozsef Tamas Herczeg for his HUNGARIAN language version,
  • thanks to Stéphane and Milton Chaves de Almeida for BRAZILIAN / PORTUGUESE language version,
  • thanks to Dr. Nurtan Sezginer for his TURKISH language version,
  • thanks to Mimo Proxodil for his RUSSIAN language version,
  • thanks to SCO for his DANISH language version,
  • thanks to Stig Larsson for his SWEDISH language version,
  • thanks to John Kincaid for his help in English grammar :),
  • thanks to PJ Naughter for his www server code (used in www-plugin),
  • thanks to Piotr for his help over POLISH help file,
  • thanks to Andrew Cumming for his help with Tray Helper SDK,
  • thanks to many, many people for using Tray Helper and feedback.

If you want to help me with the Tray Helper project, there are several ways:
  • Buy a shareware version. This is only 19.99 USD and this money keeps this project alive.
  • If you can speak a foreign language that is not supported by Tray Helper and want to spend an hour or so translating application - please email me for details !
  • Tell your friends about Tray Helper.
  • Post info about Tray Helper to your favorite PC-related magazine, web page, software directory (but please don't spam !).
  • If you have a web page - maybe you could put link to Tray Helper web site? Click here for more details.
  • Send feedback about Tray Helper. Suggestions, bug reports, comments are welcome :-D
  • Write a plugin for Tray Helper by your own - here is a SDK !

I'm really grateful for all kind of help you can provide :-)
Most helpful users can count on a free copy of Tray Helper SHAREWARE and place on "Credits" page !

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