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 History of changes 

Version 5.2
(March 24, 2007)
  • UPDATE July 12, 2009: Number of fixes to TH 5.2 email decoding module.
  • Application is now fully Windows Vista compatible.
  • On Windows NT, 2000, XP and Vista application can run now on standard user account.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

    Version 5.1
    (February 5, 2007)
  • Mayor changes in GUI of Calendar, fixed some bugs and added some new features.
  • Email module works much quicker now and consumes less bandwidth (optimalization of POP3 routines).
  • Added SSL support for sending messages to mobile devices.
  • Many small improvements in user interface of application (especially configuration).
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

    Version 5.0
    (February 26, 2006)
  • 100% new calendar module, with multiple views and rich event options.
  • Added feature to backup / restore basic content of Windows Address Book as well as extra emoticons added by user.
  • Adding contacts to address book after sending e-mails is now much easier.
  • Animated MS-Agent characters now can be loaded from user specified file.
  • Added ability to compact (compress) messages in e-mail folders.
  • Many small improvements in user interface of application.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

    Version 4.9
    (April 28, 2005)
  • Added feature to save e-mail messages in EML file format.
  • In folders dialog it's possible now to read messages of MS Outlook Express.
  • Viewing next / previous message is much easier and faster now.
  • Reduced memory requirements when holding large number of messages.
  • Improved viewing and saving attachments.
  • Many small improvements in user interface of application.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

    Version 4.8
    (March 20, 2005)
  • Added "Letter Composer" feature - it's capable to create a rich mail templates which could be applied to outgoing e-mails with just two clicks.
  • Reduced memory requirements when processing a very large messages.
  • Added an advanced crash detection and error reporting system (thanks to it application is even more stable).
  • Many small improvements in user interface of application.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

    Version 4.7
    (February 1, 2005)
  • Improvements in e-mail tracking and e-mail bouncing modules.
  • Application has now lower memory and CPU requirements.
  • E-mail messages sent form application are now fully RFC compatible.
  • Canceling background e-mail check operations works better now.
  • Fixed some minor bugs, and some small improvements in user interface.

    Version 4.6
    (December 25, 2004)
  • Added feature to import account mail settings from MS Outlook Express.
  • In sent folder you can see now the results of e-mail tracking (if and when your messages were read).
  • Application can cache now state of you mail boxes (faster access to messages on startup).
  • Added UNICODE support for Windows NT/2000/XP machines.
  • Added ability not to use Windows Address Book (application will be less powerful but will continue to work if WAB is not installed).
  • Much better "Notes" plugin - it's now integrated with THOnline service so you can store your notes on local PC or the server.
  • Fixed some minor bugs, and some small improvements in user interface.

    Version 4.5
    (November 1, 2004)
  • Added spell checker for e-mail composer (few national dictionaries are available).
  • Improved auto-update utility.
  • Additional improvements in international character conversions.
  • Added ability to find messages in mail box folders.
  • Removed few bugs and added some less important features.
  • Some minor improvements in user interface.

    Version 4.4
    (August 22, 2004)
  • Added SSL support for e-mail connections (sending and receiving messages).
  • Improved e-mail tracking - added support of Outlook like read notifications.
  • Added ability to arrange order of e-mail accounts.
  • Many major improvements in user interface.
  • Fixed bug with wrong direction of sorting lists.
  • Improved algorithms of sending e-mails (RFC compability fix).
  • SWEDISH language support -> Thanks to: Stig Larsson
  • Some serious imporvements in international character conversions.
  • Much faster access to messages stored in e-mail folders.
  • Added configuration wizard on first run of application.

    Version 4.3
    (Jully 20, 2004)
  • New e-mail address book. It's now fully integrated with Windows address book.
  • Added feature to bounce e-mail messages - send back error like message to the sender, so this person will think that your e-mail account is no longer valid.
  • Many small improvements in e-mail composer module (for example added "reply all" button).
  • Improved e-mail filters ("white list" of addresses is now more intelligent).
  • Some improvements in THOnline service (tracking e-mail messages).
  • Removed few bugs and added some less important features.
  • Minor improvement in user interface of application.

    Version 4.2
    (May 9, 2004)
  • Added another mode to preview e-mail messages: Plain text with word wrap.
  • Added feature to block scripts embed in bodies of HTML messages - security improvement.
  • Completely new e-mail composer. It has much more edit and formating options than a previous one.
  • Added support of HTML signatures (with advanced text formating, images, emoticons etc.).
  • Mail and anti spam routines were profiled and now Tray Helper is faster and more "CPU friendly".
  • Added support of secure CRAM-MD5 authentication method for sending e-mails (SMTP engine).
  • Improved detection of new messages on mail server and speed up downloading a content of mailbox.
  • Removed few bugs and added some less important features.
  • Minor improvement in user interface of application.

    Version 4.1
    (April 2, 2004)
  • It's possible now to define a string that will be auto added to subject of every outgoing e-mail.
  • Build in calendar checks the local system to determinate if display Sunday as a first or last day of the week.
  • Some cleaning up in configuration menu.
  • Columns in e-mail lists are now fully customizable.
  • Added grid lines to all list controls of application (it can be turn off at Configuration tab / Common settings / Appearance of application)
  • When you start external e-mail reader from application - application auto minimizes to system tray.
  • Fixed performance problem with decoding large attachments.
  • Forward messages with attachments can be done now with one click.
  • Maximum number of handled e-mail accounts was increased to 100.
  • Removed few bugs and added some less important features.

    Version 4.0
    (February 18, 2004)
  • Improved storage and management of mail filters - now TH requires less resources and loads faster.
  • Added option to change default SMTP port for each e-mail account.
  • Added feature to move messages from POP3 to local folder with a one click
  • It's easier now to add multiple attachments. You can not only select multiple files from file dialog, but also drag files from explorer-like applications and drop it at "Send email" dialog of Tray Helper.
  • Thanks to optimization of resources - application is now more compact and has lower memory requirements.
  • It's much easier now to control application via keyboard (added many keyboard shortcuts etc.).
  • MS Agent characters can now read content of incoming e-mails. If you prefer to hear messages than read them - you will find this feature quite useful.
  • Removed few bugs and added some less important features.

    Version 3.9
    (December 29, 2003)
  • Added unique feature to TRACK e-mail messages sent from application. Now you can easily check if, when, and how many times recipient opened your message.
  • Added feature to change format of date reported in list of e-mails.
  • Improved vacation auto-responder - now it's more intelligent.
  • General rating rules of e-mail filters can now forward messages to mobile device when total score of e-mail will meet set criteria.
  • While composing e-mails it's possible now specify multiple recipients by separating addresses by "," or ";" character.
  • Removed few bugs and added some less important features.

    Version 3.8
    (November 13, 2003)
  • Fixed bug in decoding e-mail attachments with names encoded in quoted-printable format.
  • Fixed incomparability with RFC 2554 when sending mails with authentication (thanks to Valentin Lysenko).
  • Removed window flash on startup (WinXP, 2000 only).
  • Smart loader of Tray Helper is now capable of detecting more possible problems with system DLL files. If your system is outdated - loader can download and install missing libraries so TH will run fine.
  • It's possible now to turn-off "About" tab. It's a good idea when your Tray Helper has many plugins enabled and list of tabs of application is getting too long.
  • Added feature to prompt for password each time you want to check e-mail.
  • Added feature to add character encoding data to outgoing messages.
  • Some improvements in event reminder part of application.
  • Improved mail filters - now you can set rules to rate message and take some actions when rating will achieve defined value.

    Version 3.7
    (September 10, 2003)
  • Many improvements in e-mail reader (email preview part)
  • You can compose now colorful HTML e-mails. Those can include: custom fonts, colors, emoticons etc.
  • Added ten emoticons to make your e-mails much nicer.
  • You can define and attach custom signatures to every e-mail account.
  • Improvements in anti-spam algorithms - seeking for spam keywords in body of e-mails works better.
  • Pop-up killer part of Tray Helper it now an optional plugin (called: "Old pop-up killer"). There is also far more powerful pop-up killer available called "Smart pop-up killer".
  • Tray Helper is now 10% "lighter", rarely used routines (and some really big ones) were moved to separate COM modules that are loaded when necessary. It mean less requirements for resources of your PC!
  • It's possible to test if message matches any of defined mail-filers - just use proper option from context menu.
  • As always - removed few bugs and added some less important features.
  • Forwarding messages to mobile device now supports SMTP authentication.

    Version 3.6
    (July 14, 2003)
  • RUSSIAN language support -> Thanks to: Mimo Proxodil
  • Improved anti-spam routines in HTML based e-mail viewer.
  • Improvements in live-update module.
  • Improved anti-spam filters. Now Tray Helper can convert message to plain text BEFORE comparing it with anti-spam filters. Often it's easier to define and use such filters.
  • Splash screen of Tray Helper now supports Windows XP / 2000 transparency feature.
  • Access to messages stored in e-mail folders is now cached - thanks to it time necessary to load list of e-mails is far shorter.
  • Extension of Tray Helper's e-mail messages (*.th_mail) is associated now with Tray Helper - you can easily view content of any message file by just launching it from any explorer like app.
  • New, easier to use date-picker control (more reliable that this one build-in MS Windows).
  • Removed few bugs and added some less important features.

    Version 3.5
    (June 04, 2003)
  • Added "white-list" of e-mail addresses that should be ignored by "delete spam" mail filter.
  • Added feature to block images that refers to remote hosts in e-mail viewer module (helps to keep your mail-box spam free).
  • Application remembers last selected tab and restores this selection of start-up (this don't work with plugins jet).
  • When forwarding important e-mails to mobile device - Tray Helper can use "relay" mode (use original title of message and set reply-to & from fields with email of sender).
  • New live-update module - thanks to it Tray Helper can stay always up to date. This system is similar to Windows XP auto-update.
  • Improved error detection in e-mail module.
  • Removed few minor bugs in e-mail sender, added some less important features.

    Version 3.4
    (Apr 27, 2003)
  • BRAZILIAN (Portuguese) language support -> Thanks to: Stéphane
  • TURKISH language support -> Thanks to: Dr. Nurtan Sezginer
  • Better support of low resolution systems (640x480 or 800x600 with multiline taskabr).
  • Improved build-in email reader and email sender.
  • Tray Helper can act now as a default email-sender application of your system.
  • Support for SMTP (email send) password authentication.
  • TH is integrated now with Windows XP themes. It means that you can customize it's outlook under this operation system.
  • Some improvements in pop-up killer and plugins management.
  • Removed some small bugs, added some other less important features.

    Version 3.3
    (March 22, 2003)
  • Some improvements in upgrade checker.
  • Removed small bug in e-mail checker module.
  • When you add a new mail filter - last used settings are selected on default.
  • Window of application is now RESIZABLE.
  • Improved plugins management. Now you don't have to restart application in order to enable or disable plugin.
  • TH is able to detect if some required to run DLLs are are absent and download it.
  • Buttons of application are more like those used in Windows XP interface.
  • Application can take advantage of MS Windows address book. Very useful if you send emails using Tray Helper.
  • Many other less important improvements.

    Version 3.2
    (Feb 20, 2003)
  • Most of notification can be now displayed used cool WinXP balloons.
  • Notification of events and reminders is more customizable right now.
  • Application display current day of the month on tray icon.
  • TH stores the IDs of messages that you have already seen or you were notified about on HDD now - if you restart application you will not be notified again about old messages.
  • TH on default when navigating to new URL - opens new instance of Internet Explorer - if you're Netscape or Opera user you can disable this behavior now.
  • Removed small bug from "Email folders". Added support of user-definied mail folders.
  • You don't like the default order of columns in for example reminder or mail module? You can change it now - all columns in application support now drag & drop relocation!
  • Columns in list controls remember also width you set.
  • Other minor changes and improvements.

    Version 3.1
    (Dec 25, 2002)
  • Some improvements in e-mail reader. In HTML view type text now is being wrapped.
  • All URLs in HTML-view mode can now be click-able.
  • You can delete not important mail from the server also using "Del" key.
  • If you don't want to reply for an e-mail message immediately - you can easy add a reminder with message details to your list. Just right click on message and select proper menu item.
  • More control on what TH forwards to your mobile device.
  • Send, deleted and spam messages could be kept in local mail folders - personal mail folders will be available in next release.
  • Better e-mail send procedures (more reliable and a bit faster).
  • Some changes in outlook of application, fixed few minor bugs and added some extra features.
  • On SOME computers with Windows 95/98 TH was taking too much of GDI resources - fixed.
  • Improved uninstaller - now it's more bug resistant and more XP/NT compatible.

    Version 3.0
    (Oct 30, 2002)
  • Better e-mail reader (improved mine messages decoding), it's easy now to forward messages.
  • Better error reporting in e-mail checker, also you have more control on setup of accounts.
  • Animated Tray Icon with New-mail has now some new features (right click on it to view it).
  • Built in e-mail module is now capable of sending messages with attachments.
  • It's possible to customize texts of MS Agent characters used in application.

    Version 2.9
    (Oct 10, 2002)
  • Application can notify you about new mail with Animated New-mail Tray Icon. Thanks to this feature you can faster and easier find out how much mail is waiting for you on your accounts.
  • TH looks better now, and in addition you can customize some elements of this outlook.
  • Removed bug from e-mail checker module (it was a quite ugly one but also VERY RARE).
  • Removed few minor bugs and added some features.
  • Application is no longer free for Polish residents - sorry.
  • HUNGARIAN language support -> thanks to: Jozsef Tamas Herczeg.

    Version 2.8
    (Sep 17, 2002)
  • On less than 1% of machines Tray Helper could CRASH when trying to access e-mail tab. This was a RARE but very ugly bug, and it is removed now.
  • There is build in simple e-mail sender.
  • Nicer outlook of application.
  • Removed also two other minor bugs.

    Version 2.7
    (Sep 12, 2002)
  • E-mail checker is now more user-friendly and useful. You can view content of each e-mail account in separate panel. It's also possible to check one selected account.
  • Improved error handling / reporting in e-mail checker module.
  • If "Auto downloading bodies of messages" is enabled - Tray Helper will download body of message just once and during next checks it will not be downloaded again and again.
  • Removed few minor bugs.
  • ROMANIAN language support -> Thanks to: Marius Ovidiu.

    Version 2.6
    (Aug 30, 2002)
  • Removed some minor bugs and made some minor improvements.
  • Each e-mail account can have now different sound notification.
  • You can disable showing new-mail icon in your system tray.
  • Tray Helper now looks better - all buttons have icons and are similar to buttons of IE.
  • Some improvements to installer as well as upgrade notification utility.
  • Removed small bug in back-up tool.
  • With turning on auto-responder Tray Helper can auto decrease frequency of mail checking and stop downloading bodies of messages - when you're away usually it's a good idea.

    Version 2.5
    (Aug 20, 2002)
  • Tray Helper can quick test on startup if your PC is able to use MS Agent characters, if yes you will be asked once if you want to enable it.
  • Better support of Microsoft Agent technology.
  • MS agent characters can now whisper at night (between hours set by you).
  • Removed bug in auto-responder.
  • Mail filters can be configured to be used only on specific days of week. For example you can set a filter to forward some messages at your mobile device all week but not in Sunday.
  • Added some other minor features.
  • Removed bug: if you set Tray Helper not to hide window of application after start-up and had defined password for application - this password was not ignored at start-up.
  • Tray Helper shows a splash screen on start up. (Splash designed by Piotr - thanks !)
  • BackUp tool works better now.

    Version 2.4
  • Some improvements to install and uninstall utility (more XP compatible).
  • Removed small bug in forwarding e-mails to mobile device.
  • Improved a bit build-in email reader.
  • You can set Tray Helper to show time in 12 hours (PM/AM) format.
  • Current time & date could be shown on tool tip of tray icon.
  • Email filters now are more powerful, there is also support for multiple mobile devices.
  • Do you want some nice stuff ? Tray Helper can take advantage of Microsoft Agent Characters - it means that those live, speaking characters can notify you about new mail, reminders etc.

    Version 2.3
  • Removed small bug in upgrade check utility.
  • Added HTTP proxy support. If you configure it all HTTP connection made by Tray Helper will be relayed trough this proxy (including: upgrade check, plugins download etc...).
  • If Tray Helper starts with Windows - it's possible now to set a launch delay. It could be quite useful if you have many other applications in Windows start-up.
  • Deleting all reminders is easy now - you can add a proper item to tray menu.
  • In reminder part you can view now events and reminders for next 30 or 60 days from now. It's more useful than previous "This month events" or "Next month events" filters.
  • Fixed minor bug from calendar.
  • It's possible now to filter content of calendar (f/e to show only "appointments").
  • If you use mail filters to forward important messages at your mobile device - now you have more control over outlook of this message.

    Version 2.2
  • Once again improved build in reader.
  • Application can now stay maximized after start up.
  • Tray Helper can be instaled now by many users on single machine (Win XP, 2000, NT).
  • Many small changes, improvements, removed few minor bugs.
  • It's possible now to quick select e-mail accounts to check instead of checking all enabled ones.

    Version 2.1
  • Tray Helper is now SHAREWARE. There is also limited freeware version available.
  • Some improvements in build in e-mail reader.
  • More powerful mail filters (now you can check also header of message).
  • Popup killer recognizes Mozilla browsers (you don't have to extract class name).
  • Email module now have ability to auto-respond all incoming mail with a set message. This auto-responder is a nice thing when you leave civilization for a some time :)
  • New shape of Reminder part. It's nicer now (I hope).
  • Removed ugly bug from email checker module. It was very rare but could crash application.
  • Checking for e-mails works better now on slow or overloaded connections.
  • Removed some bugs in back-up utility and install utility.
  • HEBREW language version (partialy translated) -> thanks to: Tidhar Nitzan, zehavitidhar@softhome.net

    Version 2.0
  • Added Tips of the Day on startup.
  • TH can convert your emails to plain text before forwarding them to your mobile device.
  • Also it's possible to forward only a piece of body (around set string).
  • Configuration can be backed up in background each few days.
  • Build in e-mail reader is now FAR more useful, it can cope attachments, html mail, different language set, and it's still faster and smaller than Outlook module.
  • Tray menu is now customizable (well...let's say that you can change 50% of it).
  • Sometimes in subjects of e-mails such strings were present: =?Windows-1252?Q?=E9, that should be a history now.

    Version 1.9
  • Fixed bug in Email module - it could even crash application (but it was very rare).
  • Fixed bug that could result in showing only one line of tabs instead of two.
  • Pinger module is now separated from main application (it's a plugin now).
  • If your mobile device has limit of message-length, Tray Helper can split message now and send it in few separate e-mails.
  • About application dialog it's now one of the tabs of application.
  • Some resources (like big bitmaps) are kept now in separate DLL file and loaded only when used - it means less consumption of memory.
  • You can set some parameters how names of plugins should be displayed on tabs.
  • BakcUP utility is able now to store/load configuration of plugins.
  • Removes some minor bugs added some other features.
  • Tasks of your "Tasks" plugin can be shown in calendar of Tray Helper (those with due date).
  • Tray Helper creates log file during start-up. It's easier to find bugs with it :)
  • Some changes in upgrade utility.

    Version 1.8
  • Some improvements in Email checker module - now it works faster and just better.
  • Events can have now end date.
  • Minor changes in calendar.
  • Added backup tool to package. Now you can backup and restore near ALL configuration of TH.

    Version 1.7
  • TH can forward to your mobile device also email messages based on criteria you set.
  • Also pinger-notifications can be forwarded to your mobile device.
  • Minor changes in calendar and pop-up killer.
  • Removed ugly bug that could crash application when trying to refresh list of plugins.
  • Smarter upgrade notification module - now it won't show false upgrade notifications if www.geocities.com will be off line for any reason :)
  • SPANISH language support -> thanks to: Joseph I. Sabido Yver, joesabido@hotmail.com
  • On new mail - window of Tray Helper can be auto restored with selected e-mail checker tab - it can save you a click :)

    Version 1.6
  • Removed some minor bugs (f/e some message boxes could be deformatted in TH v1.5)
  • When you restore window of application - last selected tab will be visible instead of first one.
  • Right click on new-mail tray icon now launches email reader defined by you.
  • Many improvements in popup-killer.
  • Auto-dial feature of Windows can be disabled on start of TH and restored on exit (recommended for modem users).
  • Pinger events can be now stored in log file.
  • DUTCH language support -> thanks to: Karel Mertens, karel.mertens@pandora.be
  • FRENCH language support -> thanks to: Transtxt - www.transtxt.com

    Version 1.5
  • Removed some minor bugs added some features.
  • Some improvements to email module (it's faster more user-friendly now).
  • GERMAN language version fully translated -> thanks to: Markus, M_Chaos45@gmx.net
  • Removed UGLY bug causing TH to show error message like "unnamed file was not found" while working in REMINDERS section (from time to time).
  • Reminders can be now notified in many ways (pop-up window, sound).

    Version 1.4
  • Removed some minor bugs.
  • Some changes to auto-upgrade-check utility.
  • Better control on printing calendar, you can also change font size of calendar.
  • Some changes in reading emails. Now it works better.
  • Events can be reminded now even 5 minutes before.
  • Reminders can be forwarded to email account of your mobile device.
  • Tray Helper can indicate that there is no connection to internet by changing colour of icon from white to yellow.
  • ITALIAN language version -> thanks to: Scire Salvatore
  • GERMAN language version (partialy translated) -> thanks to: Markus

    Version 1.3
  • Removed two minor memory leaks on exit.
  • Now you can view event's details in calendar.
  • It's possible to change size of calendar and e-mail reader's window (changes are saved).
  • As promised - printing calenadar is now more automatic.
  • Once again better pinger module - now can work in multithreads (FAR faster !)
  • Fixed some bugs in Email checker module - now it works more stable and better.

    Version 1.2
  • Close button on the right-upper corner of the application's window now minimalizes aplication to tray instead of closing it.
  • When you reply for e-mail subject of new message will be auto-prompted.
  • Corrected some messages and texts.
  • Added "High precision" mode to PINGER MODULE.
  • Added help file.
  • Better support for Windows NT/XP.
  • Application is more resistant for bugs in it's own files.
  • Removed some minor bugs (TH is now more stable).

    Version 1.1
    First public release. Released is full application, it's also free to use by anyone. Previous versions were not public released and used only by few people.

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