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 Checking Yahoo! mail account with Tray Helper 
If you want to check hotmail account instead - read this page!

 Do you want to check your Yahoo! mail account via Tray Helper ?

You can download FREE cool application that will install in your tray and give to all your POP3 based application access to Yahoo! mail account !

 How to do it ? Just follow those steps:

  • Download and install YahooPOPs! application (it's FREE). The most recent version is available HERE.
  • After installation launch YahooPOPs! from Start menu of Windows.
  • Go to Tray Helper - select Configuration tab / Email checker settings: / Mail accounts - and add your Yahoo! mail account.

    Fill new-account fields in that way:

    • Check "Enable checking for emails".
    • Check "Auto dload body of message as well."
    • In fields "Your email address" and "Login (user name)" enter your Yahoo! e-mail.
    • At "POP3 server" and "STMP port" fields enter "localhost" (without quotation-marks).
    • Click on "More settings" and select "SMTP authentication".
    • Select "My SMTP server requires password..." and "Use user name and password same as defined for POP3 account"
    • When ready click on "Add new email account".
    It should looks like this:

    YahooPOPs! account configuration.

    Right now Tray Helper should be able to check your Yahoo! account. But I recommend to visit: Configuration tab / Email checker settings: / More settings and increase "Time Out" value to 30 or more seconds.

    Few issues about SENDING messages:
    • Due to limitations of YahooPOPs! you can send e-mails only in "Plain text mode" (you can set this mode in message composer by clicking on "Switch to plain text mode" button).
    • Check in configuration of YahooPOPs! that you have enabled SMTP ( "Advanced preferences / Network ").


    • If you have a lot of messages in your Yahoo! Inbox folder - it's good idea to create another folder and move all old messages to that folder. Keeping Inbox near-empty you will increase speed of checking for mail and can avoid Time Outs.
    • Make sure that you use the most recent version of YahooPOPs!
    • In case of any problems read help file attached to YahooPOPs! or contact me.
    • It's a good idea to turn off popup window that YahooPOPs! shows on default when checking your account. You can do it in configuration of YahooPOPs!.

    Author of YahooPOPs! said that he will create easy to use component for checking Yahoo! accounts. That means only one thing: you can expect Tray Helper plugin that will do the same QUITE SOON ! :)

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