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If you have some basic programming skills you can create your own plugin for Tray Helper ! It's quite easy in fact.

Plugin can be written in any language that is capable of creating DLL files (VC++, Delphi, VB etc.), all you have it's to create and export some functions as described in Tray Helper's SDK (237KB, ZIP file).

If you're VC++ or DELPHI programmer your task is even simpler - in SDK (237KB, ZIP file) you have FULL, WORKING projects of simple plugins, with all necessary function implemented. Just extend it's functionality !

If you create and interesting plugin let me know !
If you would like to share it with others send me it - if it's good you can count on free copy of Tray Helper SHAREWARE and place in "Credits" page.

DELPHI example of plugin that is a part of TH SDK was written by Andrew Cumming.

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